Aggressive contact by a WP plugin vendor

sales meeting comic

I tried a new plugin today to see if it was better than an existing plugin I was using. I found it to be overly complex, and full of attempts to upsell. I promptly deleted it.

Almost within 30 minutes of downloading it, I was contacted by the vendor asking if they could be of any help in me using it. I explained that my current plugin was more intuitive, didn’t try to upsell me as they did and to not contact me again.

There is nothing wrong with a vendor sending an email thanking you for downloading their plugin and offering support. However, the tone of this email was aggressive. I don’t feel good about something when the first thing on the dashboard is a cash grab. Let me try the application and then decide if I like it.

I also found the interface to be very dated and terrible. It was incredibly confusing and not from a real UI person. It also grilled me when it first installed itself and took over the full screen when it did so. That is helpful for beginners, but not helpful if you have some experience. Don’t take over the screen with your interface unless you ask before you do that. We have the choice of what we use, not you.

I will never use anything from that company again and I told the representative. They were controlling, greedy and pushy. Oh yeah, and their plugin was junk anyway. Too much trash is pushed toward beginning WordPress people. It feels exploitative.

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