10 Ways of knowing you are a New Yorker

new york photo

It dawned on me that I had adjusted to life in NY after I realized one of these below. It is such a pleasure to live in NY. I enjoyed living in Chicago but NY has so much more culture and opportunities. In addition, it really gives you an experience of open-mindedness and freedom.

  1. new york photoYou think the cab drivers are too slow in traffic.
  2. People ask you where the tourist sites are-and you know.
  3. Nothing in the subway surprises you anymore.
  4. You have less money to spend every year because your rent goes up.
  5. You want to see more of the culture but lack the money to do so.
  6. You start to learn words from other cultures because you live and work with other cultures closely.
  7. You see frequent identical things without looking for them. Like the same cars next to each other, or people wearing the same clothing.
  8. You don’t want more stuff, you want less stuff because you have no place to put it.
  9. Good food is always a good memory and anytime is a good time to eat.
  10. You have jobs that you could have never had where you came from. You are needed in many places because of your knowledge and experience.
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