10 lessons learned from moving

Moving Comic

Still moving, but I have learned so much. Here are things that might help you if you are moving.

  1. Don’t ship a king-sized Purple mattress unless you have two people to help you. It weighs 140 lbs and is awkward to deal with because it is long and big. It was comical the way that I struggled to get this in the apartment.
  2. Don’t rely on what the vendor says for shipping. Often FedEx or UPS would send me an email/text with shipping time and the vendor would send a different date. The original company you bought it from is almost always wrong.
  3. Things are more helpful/less helpful than you think. The things you don’t think are important are very important, and the things that you think are important are rarely important. For example, I thought when I bought my desk that a shelf was important but when I got it I threw it away because it just made it look cheap.
  4. Moving Comic
    moving comic

    Review sites are generally right. I bought a Wayfair desk and the quality is worse than a desk I bought a few years ago for roughly the same price on Amazon. Target also has cheap vendors that lie in their photos/descriptions so when you buy something you are taking your chances. I will not buy any Wayfair products in the future based on this experience. I don’t believe the desk price was worth it.

  5. Do research on what you want, then wait and do more research. I wanted to buy a mid-century modern kitchen table and I found one that was cheap, but after further research, it turns out that there are more negative things than positive about it. Your own worst enemy in purchasing is yourself and sometimes it is easy to be fooled by the photos.
  6. Don’t believe what you read/hear on review sites. Didn’t I just say earlier that review sites are right? Most review sites are garbage. I have found Trustpilot to mostly match up with my experience with companies.
  7. Don’t expect to gain weight while moving. I have lost weight, and I don’t know if that is because of more activity or less food but if you need to lose weight moving is a great way to do it.
  8. Don’t expect to be comfortable. If you assemble furniture you will guaranteed to be uncomfortable. There are many stressful parts to moving, and that is just part of the process.
  9. Don’t expect to save money. Lots of unexpected small expenses. Things that you have to change at the new place. For example, the water filtration was connected to the sink faucet but the new sink faucet has a design that doesn’t allow this. So I will have to look for other alternatives for filtered water.
  10. Don’t expect people to warm up to you. You are a stranger and until you make friendly gestures to talk to people and smile and be friendly they have no reason to trust you. It takes time to become part of a community and that is ok.
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