Your reputation at work

Your reputation at work

Your reputation at work is something you can’t control, but will always be a reflection of your character.

‘Be on your toes in here, these two have a reputation of talking in circles.’

I got a nice compliment from a new coworker. In my small talk with people I like to make jokes and I’m not sure what I said, but he responded “Thats why I choose to call you. Everyone said that you were the only one who fixes things.”

I felt great when I heard that. I do my best to help people and make things easier for people. People respond to that. So that is the best compliment that I could have.

One of the really rewarding things in a job is to have people prefer you over other IT folks. It does have a serious downside in that you can get overwhelmed trying to do things. Even though I share what I know with the team, it tends to make coworkers jealous when people prefer to go to you for help.

I suppose it makes sense. Sometimes staff members who have been there for a long time might make enemies of others. I often apologize for others who sometimes may be frustrated trying to help others. It is not easy to be in a service profession. Burning out is often the cost of caring about your clients.

I have learned to have fun, joke and try to let things go as much as possible. Otherwise work isn’t fun and then life isn’t fun. You have to find ways to have fun no matter where you are.

You can’t allow others issues to impact the quality of your life. I won’t let my happiness be dependent on others. I won’t allow my joy to be dependent on others moods. I won’t allow who I am to compromised by people who are determined to be unhappy. Will you?

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