You must always be professional at work

You must always be professional at work. Even when you are frustrated and angry.

I have worked in companies where people are stressed and sometimes feel that they can’t win. They feel that their do what they are told to do, but still have people discuss if their ideas were the best way. I think this is natural that there is times where people feel conflict, but the professional way is to accept and acknowledge different ideas on how something can be done.

Why am I talking about this? I thought about an experience I had in the past in a company that had a couple of people get upset during a meeting. It was about something that was difficult to do. The group that had ownership of it was doing their best, but there were many blockers and problems in getting this accomplished. In the meeting we all tried to think of ways to solve these problems but those two got upset and felt defensive. They felt others didn’t appreciate them, and the meeting turned into a venting session and an escalation of feelings.

This kind of response doesn’t help anyone. If we listen to people and acknowledge their feelings. then they calm down. That is what my manager did. He deescalated the situation with skill and tact, and then ended the meeting. I was uncomfortable to be there, and I am glad that he did that.

No matter how bad of a day you have, no matter what else may be going on in your life, when you are not professional you ruin your relationship with your coworkers. It is ok to be human, and it is ok to show emotions. You can share things with someone one on one in a private setting at work and that builds that relationship. However when you get angry at a group, you come off as a jerk and that doesn’t help anyone.