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Working from home critical to job search

If working from home isn’t critical to your job search you aren’t placing enough importance on your well-being.

Now I understand some people may say “I don’t have the job skills to ask for WFH.” I totally understand that. We can only work toward having those skills and get lucky.

However if you are someone who can work from home, and you are not why? What value is money or anything else if you increase your chances of being sick? Given that breakthrough infections occur even in vaccinated people, why would take a risk that it won’t happen to you?

It is surprising the number of companies that are placing dice with their employees health. Instead of valuing them and allowing them to work from home, they demand that people sacrifice themselves on the altar of capitalism. Apple demands for its employees to return, then backtracks and waits longer. Instead Apple should have listened to its employees who are surely going to switch jobs at their next opportunity. When companies don’t value their workers, their workers get the message loud and clear.

What do companies gain to abuse people and gain a reputation that no one wants to work for? There was a story that Amazon is concerned that at the rate that people quit them, they will run out of available workers. Already they are giving sign up bonuses to entice people to work for them and be abused. At some point, your brand becomes so toxic that no one will want to work for you. Then what?

Now some companies need to be on site at least partly like a manufacturing or whatever. However a company can structure work that people have to return to the office as little as possible. Possibly robots, AI or asking their employees for ideas. Hybrid working is acceptable because there is a tradeoff between what is possible and what needs to be done. However when your company doesn’t try to separate people or have any kind of social distancing, it is a red flag for everyone.

Companies that don’t have a two-way give/take relationship with their employees will find themselves without people who want to work for them no matter what salary they offer.