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Why can’t people respect no?

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I never understand why people can’t respect no.

I regularly get salespeople, recruiters, and others on LinkedIn who contact me even after I tell them I am not interested in their product/service. What do they think they are accomplishing?

Not just on LinkedIn but in many facets of life people don’t want to be told no. Spam callers and organizations often don’t listen. I have had to call and lodge a request to stop calling companies that I have never done business with. A company that spams me in this way will never get my business and I will remember and share that hostile customer service with others.

Now I understand that some people might say overcoming objections is part of a salesperson’s job. That is true if there is any interest in the product. However, I didn’t express any interest in the product so then respect me when I say no. I understand why I am contacted. It appears as though I have an IT business from what LinkedIn shared. The reason for that is that I do consulting and that helps recruiters understand that in the past I have done consulting work. However if I say I’m not interested, then trust me.

I think when people don’t have that face-to-face they act in ways that aren’t respectful. I have often had negative experiences on the internet because there isn’t the ability to connect and build rapport as easily as in real life. I wonder how often people are turned down by others for a job because they don’t have a chance to meet them in real life. It seems that some people just want to reject others for the smallest nonrelevant detail. I wonder why they are like this?

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If I say no, I mean it. Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Not title, position or money.