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Which window in my apartment works best for solar power?

Today I couldn’t get a charge with the solar panel due to the trees being so green and leafy so I hung the panel out of a different window and it worked great. It charged very well for about 3 hours. I started late in the afternoon but if I had started in the morning, the battery would be full.

Of course I knew there was lots of light in this window but my concern is that it wouldn’t be as hidden as it was from another window. I thought it might attract more attention. It might still attract attention, but it might also be what I need to use until the tree loses its leaves. The management company is also trimming trees so it is possible they might trim it as well.

I mentioned that I will get a second solar panel. I am waiting for my solar generator to come in. Once I test that then I will commit to a 24 volt panel. Either way, I am going to need more solar panels to handle charging this big battery each day. I can connect each solar panel to one solar generator and then I can share the DC between them with a cable that I have. It doesn’t matter which unit gets the power more because I will be using both units.

Right now the day turned cloudy and the weather reports say it will be cloudy the rest of the day. I should take the panels in, but I am still hopeful. Weather reports aren’t reality they are just an average. Often it can take up to 20 minutes for the weather reports to accurately predict the current weather. What I have learned by watching the weather reports more closely and hour by hour is that they don’t update unless the weather continues differently for 20 minutes, and then they will update. Earlier today it said it would be partly cloudy which means some sun. Now they say Cloudy. It is possible I won’t get more charge, but I’m ok with waiting and seeing what happens.

In the winter I will use my new insulation system and I won’t get any cold from outdoors. I was able to buy neoprene insulation and it works very well to block out the wind and cold. So I have no concerns anymore about putting the panels outdoors and getting cold. My plan is starting to come together and I love it. I will write another post about how I have the insulation in case it helps someone.

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