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What we think doesn’t matter

What we think doesn’t matter. How could it? Do we understand anything to an expert level? No. Do we even understand ourselves fully? No. So we can’t be sure with our own experience.

I shared earlier that our memories are not based in reality. If we can’t trust our memories, what can we trust? That is the important question isn’t it?

I am sharing this because people often define themselves by the history they think they have. As you get older you realize how much color and perception make up reality. It is fair to say that for most people the perception of reality is no where close to the real reality.

Take for example politics or religion. People believe that their point of view is the only correct point of view. How can that be? How can you be right and the other person is wrong?

We are drowning in a lack of facts, knowledge, critical thinking and yet how sure everyone is of their worldview. If we can’t agree on facts, how can we build upon that as a society?

I don’t argue with people. I simply try to understand why they believe as they do. Perhaps they have the truth and I don’t. I try to learn something from each person I meet. Yet, too often other people think they know it all and they don’t need to learn anything from anyone else. How ignorant is that?

The wise person tries to question and understand and be slow at coming to a judgement. Life is not as black and white as some people want it to seem. Isn’t the two party political system part of the problem we have? Instead of looking at the complexity of a problem, we have to boil it down to often opposite ideas of how to address it.

As a society we fail when we try to apply black/white thinking. Why is this so hard to understand we fail when we apply black/white thinking in our own life? Black and white thinking is thinking things are either this way, or they are that way. Life is not so clearly defined.

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