Upgrading my solar panel to deal with partly cloudy conditions

I love the Merlin 100W panel I bought, but I recently changed how I use my Res-Q solar generator.

I was only using it to charge lights and ipads and various small devices because I was working hybrid at work and didn’t have time to put the solar panel out more. Now since I am working fully at home I can put the panel out everyday and that means that I need a better solar panel to better use the Res_Q solar generator. I looked at various combinations of wattage and features and I think the AllPower 200 is the right choice for me.

The biggest reason I choose it is that the wattage is double and the next best choice price is more than double the price at almost $700. The more expensive product is the next step up with Merlin, but as you know I love to try new things and perhaps this company will work better than Merlin. The other reason I didn’t get the more expensive Merlin is that the rated wattage is only 175 compared to 200 and that already puts it at a disadvantage.

Merlin is used in the military and it certainly is a high quality unit. Two years later and mine is still working fine. However given the fact that I need more wattage, the longevity is no longer a factor in my decision making. It is really hard to not take a chance with something that is half the price of the thing you love. If it is a failure then I will return it, but more likely I will keep it and then buy the Merlin later.

This was a difficult decision for me to make. One one hand I know the quality of the Merlin brand, on the other I am curious and sometimes that curiosity pays off. It is always interesting to see the best value for the buck and sometimes it works out. I hope it does otherwise I will be looking for a friend to give this to.