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Update WordPress automatically if you have cpanel

You probably already knew this but if your hosting provider uses Cpanel and many of them do, you can automatically update WordPress.

If you look in the Cpanel you will see WordPress AutoUpdate. If you enable this, then it will use a schedule you define to update WordPress. I have set mine to automatically update. Then if there is a security issue and I don’t know about it, I am still protected.

Of course it may happen that there is a problem and your site will go down because of the autoupdate that happened. This has happened to me in the past. However given the odds, it will be more helpful than hurtful.

Did you know that 34% of the worlds websites run on WordPress? Isn’t that amazing? So since I work in computers, I want to do my part to keep people safe. Yes there are some criminals you can’t protect with computer security, but every little bit of protecting the average man helps.

Cpanel by the way is a nice thing to explore when you have free time. I have been surprised that some hosts add content to Cpanel. Other hosting companies offer a more intuitive interface which I think really helps non computer people. Either way is ok with me. Having a choice of course is always the best option.

I updated WordPress and no issues. I didn’t expect any issues for such a small release. Even with big jumps there have been few if any problems. Plugin authors are awesome. The plugins that I am using keep up with the flow and I am always happy to support developers.

I sent an email a few days ago to a developer offering to pay money to fix an issue that I perceived with their plugin. They didn’t respond. Perhaps they don’t feel I could offer them an amount that would be worth their time. I wouldn’t be so sure about that but time will tell. I doubt they will contact me, and it looks like I will just have to accept the flaw in their software.

Perfection isn’t possible, good enough is ok.

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