Thoughts on the new sofa

"i Once Went To Group Therapy. They Had Bunk Beds."

I set up the new Sofa yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. I am still working out if I like it or not.

First I should say that I am not a sofa guy. I can’t remember the last sofa I liked. The problem with sofas is they are either too firm or too soft. Yes, I sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s tough to appeal to everyone, and I haven’t found anything I like. I shared before that I love the Purple mattress, and I bought a new Purple mattress which I was concerned that I may not like. I do like it even if it is a bit more firm than I prefer.

"i Once Went To Group Therapy. They Had Bunk Beds."
“I once went to group therapy. They had bunk beds.”

The brand is called Albany Park and it is a sleeper sofa. When I sat in it yesterday I was able to lie down completely and at 5’10 I was thrilled with that. I didn’t even have to fold it out. If I folded it out then I would have more space. For a night it would be fine for me. I am not going to test it but it seems adequate. Was it worth the $1300 I paid for it? Maybe.

The reason I say maybe is that setting it up was frustrating. There was supposed to be a part included and it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I shook the couch and called customer service and then the bag appeared that I needed. Customer service wasn’t great. They wanted me to take a picture of something that wasn’t there. “Please take a picture of what you didn’t receive.” I was relieved when after shaking the couch it fell out and then I could finish the job.

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The outer look is great and looks acceptable. However, what I saw beneath didn’t impress me. I think this couch is more about hype than reality, and even though I liked how the company delivered it inside my apartment, I would probably look for alternatives for the next couch. I don’t think what I paid for it was worth it, and the customer service certainly wasn’t worth it. On the positive side, it seems like it will last for a while and it is more comfortable than any recent couch I have been in my recent memory.

Over time one of the annoying things about soft couches is that they become hard to get out of and uncomfortable because they don’t offer enough support. This couch offers enough support, but I wish it was just a tad softer for comfort. I don’t want the maintenance of feather couches where you have to fluff it up regularly. I am a lazy comfortable person. I want something to say the same softness for years, which is unreasonable I know. Things wear out. However, the comfy chair I have has stayed soft for years and I enjoy it every day. If the couch could be made out of the same cushion my chair has I would be thrilled.

I have learned to steer clear of cheap furniture stores. They only bring heartache. The only reason for that existence is you live in places for short periods, and then they make sense. Would I buy it again? Probably not. It was an interesting experience, however.