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Thinking of an auto responder

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I am seriously thinking of an auto-responder for recruiters. It is amazing how often they say the same things.

It has been my experience to get contacted up to 20 times for the same job by different recruiters. If I wanted that job I would have directly applied to it. I end up taking the time and responding to them but they never respond so my impression is that they just delete it and don’t note what I tell them. I have had the same recruiter contact me for the same kind of jobs that I have said no to, and they don’t seem to listen.

Therefore since 99% of the email I get is from recruiters, it makes sense to save time with an autoresponder. If the person isn’t a recruiter I will note that in my auto response. Then I won’t be spending time responding to people who don’t want to listen to me.

I don’t like making an autoresponder, but when people don’t listen how much patience should a job candidate have? I am not trying to brag but some days I get contacted every 15 minutes or so. It is ridiculous. It isn’t because I am so fantastically talented it is mostly because recruiters will contact you no matter how little relevance you have to their job. I would estimate that 90% of the time the jobs that I get have no bearing or even keywords from my LinkedIn profile. Can this really be an efficient way to work?

It seems to me that if recruiters want to get responses one way is to be more careful in what they send out. People get email fatigue and will just delete things when overwhelmed. I have seen this in the jobs I have worked. Many times IT sends out communications about updates they are doing and when we do them people call in and say there is a problem. I state that we sent an email out but they said they didn’t read it. Ok. If you don’t read something as a coworker it’s my job to still help them. However, if you don’t read something as a recruiter, why am I subsidizing your lack of effort with a response?

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