Things are never as bad as they seem

Things are never as bad as they seem

There is a song called Dreams and one of the lyrics goes “Things are never as bad as they seem”. I love that song and message.

In life we all have challenges. It is easy to become fearful and wonder about our security. Taoism says that our attachment to Security, Recognition and Control prevent us from being part of the universe. I have seen this in my own life.

There is nothing wrong with making money and saving it for the future. However the idea that money will provide security is a false one. The market could fail, the banks could fail, it could be stolen, so many ways in which money can be taken from you. Clearly relying on money is a mistake.

Then we think well if I just control things, then I will be ok. That doesn’t work either. The more controlling i have been in my life the worse it has got. At times I have had to let go of controlling others and life and life has given me more than I could have imagined. I am not talking about money, money is the least important thing in life. I am talking about having relationships that I enjoy. I take a chance to get to know someone and sometimes it turns out beautiful.

Now the last one is recognition. For a long time I thought that I could or would be someone famous. I was told that as a child by many others. Maybe I will be, but right now it doesn’t matter. Letting go of the need to impress and be a perfectionist has made me incredibly happy.  Although I can be very funny, I don’t try to be funny to please others. If it happens that I think of something funny I will share it, but I don’t force my humor to entertain as I once did. I am less funny but more happy.

You might find your happiness increase if you give up the need for recognition, security and control.

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