Target is my Amazon alternative

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I mentioned before that I didn’t like Amazon due to the deceptiveness of reviews. I had gotten bitten twice in a two-week period and it takes too long to research reviews to trust it any longer.

Their answer to getting refunded was to ship the part back which meant either spending money or going to a local drop-off point which is a cost and time. It no longer is the cheapest vendor when the return policy requires you to spend your money.

What did I buy? I first ordered some toothpaste. Since it only came to $12 for two, there was a $6 charge. They also offered to sign me up for $99 for a year of free delivery for orders under $35. I realized that I needed a few more things so I added vitamins and a vegan protein chocolate powder and it came to $71. Since it was over $35 the shipping was free. It will arrive on Sunday/Tuesday which is fine by me.

That is another downside of Amazon. There are things that say they ship today and then after you pay for them, they will say they are back ordered or not available for two weeks. It is extremely frustrating to be led to believe you can get something in a time frame and then the time frame changes after you buy. That happened to me frequently last year with things I purchased and I canceled those purchases. If vendors are not honest upfront, I don’t trust their honesty and they don’t deserve my purchase.

No, I am not a Target affiliate. I get no financial benefit from sharing this. Yes, I am aware they don’t treat their workers with respect, but my other choices were Walmart and other companies that treat their workers worse. Amazon is not convenient when you have to spend time returning the trash that was sent to you.

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Just for the record, I never return things from stores that I buy in person. If something doesn’t work for me, I give it to a friend. The only reason I spent the time to return things to Amazon is that they clearly don’t care about providing good products, just trash that they hope you are too lazy to return.