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Summer brings flies but there is a solution

fly trap photo

Summer brings flies. Especially when you live in an apartment that needs fixing.

I shared earlier that there were some items in my apartment that needed fixing. In order to do that the front door had to be open for a long time and since then I have had a fly problem. I broke down and bought this and it worked and fixed the problem in 24 hours.

For about $50 I got a decent solution to the problem. It started zapping them immediately and when it started to get dark last night it was amazing. The flies were attracted to it and since then they haven’t been flying around anymore

Is there a downside? Yes sometimes when it kills the insects there is a smell but I turned up the AC and it seemed to fix that problem. I have been looking at more inclusive insect solutions since the apartment has other issues. Of course, I contacted the management to spray but they sprayed earlier this week and there is still a problem. Part of this is that this is a very old apartment probably 70 years old at least and I am on the first floor over the garage below. I suspect they are getting through the floor. I am going to ask the management to spray around the apartment and below in the garage to see if it helps.

I read about the things that attract insects and I am going to act on them next week. I am going to get a cleaning service to do a deep clean to make sure that there is nothing attracting the insects. As I write it is still working. I don’t like death and I would prefer that insects stayed outside but it is unhealthy having disease-carrying insects inside. I can’t imagine living in places like the south where I understand insects are even more of an issue.

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Not seeing flies is my reality now. I love it.