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Stories from My past: Micromanaged by six people

I once worked at a company where six people micromanaged me. They told me exactly what to do and how to do it, and often they conflicted with each other. How can you succeed in that kind of environment?

I wrote an email to all of them addressing this issue and giving examples where I was doing something for one person, and someone else wanted me to do something else. I showed that I could not please everyone in this way and that it would be most effective if I only had one boss. They agreed and I was told that I had one boss but there were other issues and I left that position.

I always want to stay in a position as long a possible. However I didn’t see a way in this company to grow as an employee. I was doing things that I wasn’t hired to do, and not allowed to grow and my suggestions were not taken seriously. In short, I felt that I was told one thing and end up doing another. No one wants to do a job that they didn’t sign up for, and especially when they aren’t valued.

It was comical to have 6 bosses. I would remind people that I was in the middle of doing a job for boss 1, but but boss 2 said their task was more important. For example I would be driving to one job and then a boss would call and tell me to go do a different job. So I would go do a different job and waste the time that I had spent driving.

Part of being an effective employee is that you are trusted when you are given a job. It feels when people are constantly telling you what to do that you can’t do it by yourself. It was clear the job was self-directed but thats not what the reality turned out to be.

I learned many things in this job. You can’t succeed with multiple bosses and it is a sign of a culture problem. I couldn’t fix their culture so I had to move on.

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