Stories from My Past: I am not on their plan

Stories from My Past: I am not on their plan

One of the benefits of having health insurance is that you normally have a wide numbers of doctors you can choose from. One day my normal chiropractor wasn’t available so I went to the insurance website and found a new one and made a visit.

pain comes togetherSo while he was working on me I was making small talk about the process of finding him and making an appointment. I mentioned how glad I was that he was open on Thursday. Lots of chiropractors seem to be closed on Thursday. He stopped when I mentioned the type of health insurance I have and said that he didn’t accept anyone from that vendor anymore “I am not on their plan”, he said. I said I would be happy to pay out-of-pocket. So when it was time to pay he asked how much my copay was and I said $35. He said how about $50 for the treatment. I said that was fine, thinking he would bill the insurance company later for the rest. Unfortunately he didn’t accept a debit card and I didn’t have cash so I left and came back with the money.

When I gave him $80 he thanked me and tried to give me $20 back. I insisted he keep it since it wasn’t his fault that the insurance companies information was wrong. I told him that for him to see me that day and not be in pain, that his service was worth more to me than just $50. It is surprising how little some people value their skills. I would have paid anything to not be in pain.

So I followed up with the insurance company and they gave me a song and dance about how it was the providers responsibility to get out of the plan and that they have a disclaimer saying the website can be incorrect because it is updated once a week. Well I knew that was a false answer because everything that insurance company has told me was wrong, and because the doctor said that he had tried many times to exit the plan. He wasn’t the only provider who had told me this. Every provider that I have seen in the last few years told me that the information on the website was wrong. I told the insurance company that if they don’t value their customers experience that I will move to another insurance plan. I am going to look at my options next. As customers we have the right to have correct information and to get the benefits of the plan that we are paying for.

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