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Stories from my Past: Fixing problems at home

Working in IT has lead me to working in some peoples private homes. That is always interesting.

Often this is because a manger will want me to fix a problem with his home computer that he doesn’t want to bring to work. Which is fine. I will do whatever is necessary for the business.

Imagine my surprise when I go to an executives home and he answers the door in his boxers and t-shirt. I was at the correct time and I just went with the flow. It is not only men who will do this, but women as well. People don’t seem to care that is uncomfortable to be put in that situation.

I fix the problems with their computer at home and sometimes even give them newer equipment. I always have newer stuff in case I can’t fix the problem they have. There is something called “one call resolution” where you fix the problem correctly the first time. I love being able to do that, and so I think through what the problem probably is and prepare for that possibility.

So why am I sharing this with you? In IT and especially in going to peoples homes you have to be tolerant and forget lots of things. It is not my job to be the police or morality judge, so no matter what I see my job is to fix the computer nothing more. I think that when you approach others life as deserving of privacy that is the best approach.

I have seen and know things that would embarrass many powerful people. I would never use this information against them. Part of being trusted to go into a home is that what you see stays there and no one has the right to know these things.

One customer was so pleased with how I helped her she asked if I wanted to live in the basement of her mansion. No amount of money would make me do that. There has to be some distance between work and private life.

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