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As you go through life you might experience that your standards and values change. I have noticed this at every point in my life. The things I used to value I don’t value anymore, and things that I thought were unimportant I value now. It is fascinating to see how often I change my standards and values as my experience and wisdom grows.

Isn’t it interesting and a little silly, that we often hold stubborn views of reality and our beliefs but then change them as we get more information? I know for example that things I used to believe were true are no longer true. For example I used to believe that vegetables were nice but not important. Now I have seen that to be healthy and feel good, you need to have more vegetables than what I used to eat. Yes it sounds silly, but many of our unexamined beliefs are pretty silly.

Everyday when I help people with technology I clearly see the standards and values that they have. Often they ask me to make decisions for them, and I tell them that I can not. For example they ask me why kind of computer they should buy. I tell them that I like Macs, but that choice depends on what they want and value. Then we get into a discussion of their values, and explore choices based on what will make them happy.

Life is about being happy and as Steven Covey said “helping other people find their voice”. It is a good feeling when you can help other people find their voice and express who they are and what they need in their life. When I listen to others, and try to discern their voice/values I always feel much better than just dogmatically saying get a mac. A Mac may not be the best choice for everyone and that is ok. Computers or anything else isn’t a religion just a tool. Life is a banquet and not everyone has to eat the same meal.

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