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Solar energy storage – What I have learned about batteries

I have two solar generators that store 50amps of energy. This may not seem much, but it can do a-lot of lighting or charging of devices like smartphones and laptops.

What I didn’t realize when I bought these is that filling them would be so easy. I shared yesterday that the 120W solar panel quickly filled up the panel with bright light. Even in cloudy days it did a great job in charging the battery. Cheaper solar panels require direct sunlight but this panel can charge even in the shade and that is the future of solar panels. They can charge and not require direct sunlight all the time, but if they have it, they work more efficiently. I am not getting any benefit by sharing this.

Now I have the ability to charge things quickly and I don’t have enough batteries to store the energy. I want to buy a Lifepo4 battery with 1000W of storage but the ones I have seen are not perfect for me. They either can’t be bought because the company doesn’t ship to the US, or don’t allow you to charge and discharge at the same time, or don’t have a Lifepo4 battery which is the safest kind of Lithium battery to buy. Beudens has one that is larger but that isn’t large enough. I asked if they were working on a larger battery and they said they were, so I just might have to wait for it.

I did find a battery that is Lifepo4/LFP and has great stats called The Big Genny. I am getting a quote on it now but other people have said it cost them about $2800. It is amazing and portable and would be the last battery I would need to buy, but I can’t afford something like that. I would need to save up and I’m not sure that is the best use of money right now. I am going to consider it however. The risk of power outages vs the usefulness of having more emergency money. You have to weigh risks all the time right? So far I have enough power to get by with 4 hours of laptop/internet/light usage. What is a reasonable amount of power?

I don’t know. That is an individual decision. Just having 4 hours of power is so much better than where I was. I have a N95 mask, extra water/food/power, emergency kit I am more prepared than I have ever been. Still having a huge amount of power available meant that I could also work and be more environmental. Well we will see how compelling The Big Genny is.

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