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Solar battery and going upscale

I shared earlier that I went from a Beudens to a Lion Safari LT and I must admit I have researched home systems. The problem is that home systems require installation and since I live in an apartment, there is no way the landlord would approve that. Right now, the mobile solar is going to be the way to do this.

One of the consequences of buying the cheapest solar generator is that everything else feels luxurious. To me using the Safari LT has felt luxurious being able to see the power in watts going in and out of the system. It has helped me to automatically calculate the time based on the current usage, and let me understand the performance of the Merlin solar panel as well. It really is required to have some display that shows numbers or you are just taking a guess on performance.

I had originally considered buying one of Lion Energy’s other units the ME. The ME requires a 24 volt panel, and I only have a 12 volt panel, but I can transfer energy using the Beudens. That isn’t a show stopper. Or I can buy the $300 24 volt panels, but I really love the Merlin panel. What is nice about the ME is that it can store much more power about double the power of the LT almost 1000WH and the LT only store about 450WH. Right now I have 616WH stored. It is a dramatic increase in what I had before.

Yet I strangely feel compelled to store even more. I am very curious what higher end models can do, and how that can help me not only to be prepared but to reduce energy usage from the grid. I like that the battery has a Lifepo4 battery, and it has a better design as well.

Don’t be surprised if one day I will get a better battery. One you realize all the wasted electrical energy you will want to do the same.

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