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Smart women suffer from feeling they are an imposter

Have you noticed that many smart women suffer from feeling they are an imposter? They shouldn’t have the success they have or they don’t deserve it?

Women are told that they are smart or special and they may not feel that is true. They feel that they are just lucky they have a job, or that someone choose them to work for them. What I have seen is that the most intelligent women I have met, feel this way.

It is understandable. If you are told you are special and you have advanced education and realize your limitations, it may feel that others don’t really know your own ignorance. Thats true, others may not know your ignorance. However what they do know is your knowledge. Even someone with a few college classes and who reads, is vastly different than someone who never thinks, reads or is logical.

It is very difficult for women to be accepted in the world. They internalize this in themself and it is one of the burdens of being a woman. They think that they are only valuable when they do things perfectly, even though no one is close to perfect. It is ok to make mistakes, and people who make mistakes learn many things. I love it when I make mistakes. Not that I enjoy being in error, but that I don’t have to make that mistake in the future.

It is not easy accepting our faults, and recognizing our strengths. Often we need other people to tell us what they see. I think that the older we get, we mature and we see that although we have a few issues, we have more strengths and abilities. It is a wonderful feeling to use those strengths to help others and help the world, and it is the greatest pleasure in my life to be able to do this.

We don’t need robots and perfect people. We need people who have good intensions and who learn from mistakes. Are you one of those?

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