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Slowing down spending money as you get older?

Is anyone else slowing down spending money as you get older?

Examining why this is so I believe a wide range of factors are coming into play:

  1. Things no longer bring happiness. When you are younger you think that buying things will make you happy. Since I know I won’t be happier with having something, the need to buy it is now what benefit does it bring me? Often I find myself not able to answer that question when I am considering buying something. For example, I like fancy clothes, but several times this week I haven’t gone to the store to buy newer ones. The ones I have are fairly new, so its hard to motivate myself to buy more.
  2. The things that I have seem like a burden. For example I have an older laptop and I put Linux on it.  It was cheaper than spending $100 on something that isn’t worth it. Now that my new laptop is coming tomorrow, I am faced what to do with my current one. I am going to ask if any of my coworkers want it, and if not then just throw it away. It was originally destined for the garbage I just gave it another 6 months of life. Sure the new laptop will be fun for a while, but I’ll get tired of it and I’ll donate it to a friend. Things have a lifespan of our enjoyment less than their existence.
  3. Things that I thought were good products turn out to be junk. It is buyers remorse when you wish you hadn’t bought something. I have that and I try to learn from my lessons. I love to experience new things, but there are some things that I can’t apply this experimental living idea to. For example, relationships, cars, homes and so on. You have to recognize the reality of your situation and deal with it. For example, I’m having issues with my car so I am debating sharing that with you. I obviously did not research my car purchase enough.
  4. Things that I spend money on, I wish I had spent on other experiences. Instead of buying things I find myself wanting more experiences as times passes. Going on vacations or trying new foods seems more rewarding than doing research that would help me in my job. While that is important, I am finding a better balance in my life. I love what I do, but life has many rich experiences to try.
  5. Many of the best things in life are free. Maybe I am disillusioned with marketing, but I find myself increasingly enjoying the free things in life. Like a walk in the park, talking on the phone or playing games. I think at some point in life you find what makes you happy and you are drawn to that for the rest of your life.

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