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Slow charge…take it easy

I probably show my age with the lyrical reference, but thats ok, we are what we are.

The last two days my new Lion LT solar generator has gotten a slow charge. That isn’t always a bad thing however. According to many battery chemistry experts, charging lithium batteries at maximum charge can cause them to age faster than if they were more slowly charged. At the rate I have been charging, they will probably last forever.

The last two days have been overcast and cloudy. No direct sunlight. With every other solar panel but the Merlins, it wouldn’t charge. Yet I have put my Merlin out and from the first moment I put it out until now it has mostly charged. When I say mostly I mean 99% of the time. Only briefly it stops charging if the clouds become too dark and then a few moments later it resumes charging.  Yesterday it filled up 20% of the Buedens 166WH so that would be about 33WH. I am still in awe of this. Now it doesn’t matter if it is sunny or not, I can still make electrical power.

I shared also that I found smaller GoPad 8Watt panels that could charge on overcast days as well. To me, this is such a wonderful thing to have a choice between large and small panels. I spent about $1000 trying out different panels so you don’t have to invest that money. Still I consider this a worthwhile investment since it makes it so much more useful to create electricity.

You can do this as well. You don’t have to use the same devices I use. Many devices can work. You can help save money and use a valuable resource. Perhaps your needs are greater, but you can take out a loan with banks that specialize in solar power loans. Then you can save money once it is paid off. It is only the fact that I live in an apartment that I don’t already have solar panels on the roof. One day I will have so much power I will be giving it away. I look forward to that day.

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