Shopping has changed for many of us. I know myself I haven’t shopped in a store in years. I love it.

When everything happened I was concerned about catching Covid like many people. I had been using Whole Foods part time and shopping in stores for the majority of the items. I liked the immediacy of getting what I wanted. However when I had to wear the masks and the shopping store was crowded I didn’t feel safe and decided to try to order from Whole Foods all the time.

It has worked out well. For the most part it is really easy. I have tried other services like Instacart but the quality of the stores on there don’t match well with what I like. I probably have been shopping at Whole Foods too long, but I like their selection of products. When I tried to order from other stores I found their selection lacking and I really wasn’t satisfied with what I purchased.

Reading at online communities like Reddit I see that many people have done the same, and now are feeling the limitations of the Amazon/Whole Foods experience. One of the downsides of doing this has been that often the vegetables/produce aren’t the best quality. Whole Foods has had both the best and worse produce that I have experienced. It is really variable and they need better quality control.  There seems to be pushback on Amazon and I am feeling the same. I am starting to buy directly from vendors and avoiding Amazon as much as possible.

Amazon has increasingly become a place where low quality goods masquerade as high quality goods via fake reviews. Many times you get burned by trusting positive reviews that turn out to be fake. I only read the critical reviews now, and I ignore products that block you seeing critical reviews. I don’t like/support companies that abuse people, and Amazon is certainty in that category. I believe that due to Whole Foods poor performance they will sell it off and when they do, that will be the end of buying from Amazon for me. What about you?

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