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Self-serving content is silly

Have you noticed that many times you read content and it makes no attempt to hide the fact it is self-serving?

It is understood that people share things to further their own goals. That is fine. What isn’t fine is an attempt to look like they are helping others but only help themselves. An example of this are articles of “10 things not to do or say to #occupation#.”

Those are written by people in that occupation to try to make their own lives easier. The fact is that reading an article asking people to treat you in a certain way doesn’t inspire me to treat you in that way. What is more effective is to share stories of about the results of being treated in a certain way, and then let the reader decide what they want to do.

For example, since I work in IT I could complain that IT people are not valued until there is a problem. Of course that is true for every occupation. I don’t thank my doctor when I am healthy. I understand that people don’t need IT until they need them. It is a strange thing in life. The people that are treated the worst don’t complain, and those who are treated well act as though their world is falling apart.

I have worked for very rich people who were always treated well. Yet they felt that their life was terrible. I know because they told me. No matter what they felt that they had lots of problems. Yes in their mind they did have problems. Problems I would have gladly switched with my own.

I think what bothers me most about self-serving content is that those people don’t realize their hypocrisy. If you want change in the world, you have to be that change. You don’t gain anything by making yourself a victim. Oh sure, you can get sympathy and perhaps win in court, but long-term it doesn’t help. Now of course there are valid victims who have been wrongly hurt by others, and who didn’t ask for their situation. They clearly deserve whatever it takes to restore their life. However that is not most of us, and we keep forgetting that distinction.

If you listen to people you will hear heartbreaking experiences of pain and violence in their backgrounds. You can’t help but feel sorry for them. Yet often those people have found the silver lining and focus on the positive in life. They do not ask for special treatment or write silly articles or videos about their own special needs.

Too many you tube videos are less about content and more about being selfies. Rather than give you good content they focus on making themselves feel important or special. I think people who write articles that pander to people in the same vein. I never write an article thinking “This should get lots of views”. I write an article because I believe that it might help someone. Perhaps I am wrong and my articles help no one, but my intension is to be helpful not to get views.

Serving your own needs is a boring task. At some point you have enough. It always makes me feel better to support and help others as well as myself. Life can be win/win. Look for ways for it to be.

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