Why does security always seem to be an afterthought?

Why does security always seem to be an afterthought?

Every week, every day, it seems every hour we learn of some critical security vulnerability. Something that totally negates all the hard work that people do to have private and personal lives. When will companies realize that consumers won’t buy from companies that treat security as an afterthought?

Working in IT you see everyday issues that happen on so many levels. In so many ways peoples information is compromised. From the simple to the complex, if someone uses even one piece of electronics their data is now compromised. You don’t even need to use electronics, since the poor security at credit bureaus and banks will kill your security.

So why do we stand for this? Why did I stand for it when I had a bank that had issue after issue? I think it was mostly laziness. I didn’t want to do the research to find a more secure alternative. I wasn’t ready to leave that bank because I had been treated better there than other banks. However you still are abused at banks, so saying you were treated well is just saying that they sometimes had a working support service.

I am sure that if people realized how much their laziness cost them, they would switch banks and care about security. For me, security is inseparable with everything else. How can we afford to be lazy when it funds criminals and anti-social activities? I don’t care if people do drugs with their own money. However if they steal someone else’s money to do drugs with, then I have a problem with that.

One of the worst parts about crime is the non consensual part of it. People who prey on others weaknesses are the worst kind of people in my opinion. We all have weaknesses, but some people make that their strength. They look and hurt others by trying to look like a legitimate business or communication.

Security needs to be a given when you are spending money. I no longer do business with companies that don’t make security a real concern.

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