I shared yesterday a noise canceling headphones that work very well for blocking out noise. Since I am sensitive to noise, I also tried another way that worked very well. You can use headphones used to block gun noise and they work very well as well.

I bought something like this (again I am not getting any financial reward for this).

Then I happened to get sick and guess what? Road construction was happening directly outside my apartment. I put this on and I couldn’t hear a thing. I was thrilled. It was so quiet I could enjoy playing a video game and not get any headaches.

Ok so it might seem overkill that I have three headphones. This, Apple Airpods to use when my main noise canceling headphones are not working. It transforms my work experience. It really is such an incredible experience to not hear the background noise at work.

The interesting thing about sound is that research shows that most women and sensitive people learn better in a noise free environment. Since I am a sensitive person I tend to do better when it is quiet. Just now I had to switch from the big ones to the Airpods which allows me to continue to study and work and be available. If money was no issue I would buy a second pair of the same headphones and then just use the airpods at home.

I have tried sound plugs that you stick in your ears and found them uncomfortable. They work really well but hard to tolerate for a long time. I was at a concert once and used them and it made it quite tolerable. I tried out reusable headphones but that was irritating as well. They didn’t stay in really well so I don’t think I’ll try that again. I have also tried more low tech methods like a thick cap and a scarf. Those work pretty well but really only a limited solution.

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This is what has worked well for me. Good luck.