Possible replacements for my current solar generator

kilovault 1500 watt solar generator photo

I thought others might be interested in what I think are the best current solar generators for the price. I am going to buy one of the following models.

The KiloVault 1500 has a great LifePo4 battery and a reasonable price. No reviews of it are concerning and it is a big gamble at $1200. I am not sure that the 61 lb weight is something that is portable and I don’t know anything about the Brand either. It could be terrible, and then I would have a very heavy thing to ship back for repairs.

The advantage of this would be more for RVs/small home setups. It could work very well in those cases. It could also work well with very limited use for a family or well suited for a sparse single bachelor.


The ExpertPower 2400 is another option but quite expensive at $2000. It doesn’t have a LifePo4 battery which means that it has a limited shelf life. The answers say that it can last 1000 cycles which if it is used every day like I will use it, is about 3 years. In addition, the solar panels that come included will be a challenge to hang out the window. This might be a good fit for RVs or small home living but I don’t think is well suited for apartment use like I am using.

The Solar Sentinel is another interesting choice. It is quite expensive at $6000 but has an incredible amount of storage and really focuses on the essentials of power. I like that it is mobile with its built-in cart, and it seems like their 330W solar panels might also be an interesting choice to use myself. I won’t buy the battery but the solar panels might be worth trying. I am still trying to do more research on them to see their warranty. This is the same 330W panels that I found earlier but I didn’t have any confidence in ordering from Alibaba directly with the manufacturer.

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The company does give me some pause to order since they have typos on their website and spelling errors. While it doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimate, it does make you wonder about their professionalism.