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Possible challenger for LifePO4 Solar generator – LightHarvest 1.8kWh

I mentioned before that I like the Res-Q solar generator, but I found another one that is very interesting. It is about the same price but higher capacity and unknown quality. I am going to ask if they have a unit I can review so I can test it for everyone here.

What I like about this unit the LightHarvest is the price and the fact that it is made in the US and more likely to get better support than with a Chinese vendor. I have had no luck getting support from Chinese companies. I like that is is simple and doesn’t look cheap. It looks promising.

I am not crazy about the MC4 adapter but I have an adapter so its not a deal breaker. It makes sense that many panels come with MC4 so using that seems reasonable. This would be a good fit for an RV or small home as well. I like that it is mobile as well.

What is the biggest concern for me is reliability. It is hard to see that at this price there is lots of quality components in it. It could be that he got a great deal on parts, which would become obvious once someone tests it. If you know anyone who has tested it please let me know.

It is interesting there are only two plugs as well. Many of the devices at this level have way more plugs. I understand that consumers will probably mostly use this which is its intended audience. Still having to drag around another adapter to get more plugs is kind of a pain. However it is also true that in a disaster situation like this shows, only a few devices may be needed. Again pros/cons for this design.

I like the design is understated and not flashy like some previous attempts in this class and price range. It shows a better understanding of the customer who is buying this. They don’t want gadgets they want functionality. Nice touch!