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People prefer robots instead of bosses

There was a recent study that showed that the majority of people prefer robots instead of bosses. What does this say about your leadership?

To me, what it says is that there are no human relationships or encouragement that make your staff feel supported. Robots can’t give the crucial autonomy and social support, yet they are preferred. Why? It must be that people feel their boss is unfair, and a robot would not be.

Imagine if the situation were reversed. What if people were treated with respect, social encouragement and autonomy in their jobs now? Then people would not feel like robots. When you make your team feel like a robot then why not have a robot boss? This situation was created by this kind of impersonal and callous management.

We act as though people don’t have memories of the past. I have seen in companies programs to increase efficiency that didn’t get the basics right. You can’t worry about peoples IT training when they don’t feel heard by their boss. You can’t improve their productivity by focusing on materials and process instead of culture.

I worked at many companies that had job losses and lost their market. In most of these the management worried about things that didn’t have any effect on their target market. One company bought new laptops for a new group of employees but hadn’t done the research if the market wanted that product. They failed and almost all of the sales people were let go.

You can’t squeeze productivity by thinking a new computer or process is going to do it. You can engage peoples self interest by linking their performance to their pay. When employees don’t see their hard efforts pay off, they stop working. I see this over and over. Why is this so hard to understand?

Give people a reason with cash to work hard, or support them emotionally/autonomy. There is no other way.

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