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Online games work best when you play them infrequently

Online games works best when you play them infrequently.

I have an online game on both my smartphone and PS4 and I have noticed the less frequently I play it, the more the rewards happen.

I think what is happening is companies will schedule rewards based on the time you spend playing it. So this variable rate of reinforcement is probably dependent on their fear of losing you.

Other online games I have played had done the same. I didn’t play one game for a month and the next time I logged in, it was wild with rewards. I stopped playing it because I was bored with it. I wonder if this is like life. We value what seems difficult, and disregard what seems easy.

I have noticed in relationships for example, people will say things like “I am out of your league.” I just laugh when they say that. It is such a silly thing to say. If they really believe that I am out of their league, why bother talking to me? More importantly however, is if someone thinks they are better than me, I am thrilled that they tell me that. They have saved me wasting time on them.

It is interesting isn’t it? When we don’t want something, we get tons of it. I have shared before how my roommate in the past got tons of credit card offers when they didn’t need it. I have shared that when I have had a gf, women were mobbing me. When I had a job, then people wanted me for their company. Do you know what I say to those people? Tough. I don’t want you when you think I am more valuable just because of a current situation. My value is the same if I have a job today, or don’t have a job for a year. People don’t become worthless because of someone else’s issues.

So you choose when you want to play the game. You choose who you want to spend time with. Don’t listen to those who try to put rules on you. However just because you are free to do anything, doesn’t mean you should. The more kind you are to yourself, the more kind you will be to others. Try some kindness at home first.

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