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NYC urgent care doctors offices screening for coronavirus

When I saw the doctor today they had a sign on the counter. “If you have come from China and the Wuhan province please let us know immediately.” I asked the doctors assistant about this and they had special procedures if this was the case.

From what I have read this flu impacts those with compromised immune systems the most. Many of the victims are children or people that are mature and over 60. Since there are many people in that age range in the US, I bet many people are feeling uneasy right now about this.

I watched an interesting video on youtube from a doctor that had more details about this virus. It is slightly more infectious than the normal Chinese flu and the CDC has a wealth of information.

Why am I writing and sharing this experience? I understand why people may feel afraid of what they can’t control. It isn’t easy being vulnerable. What is important to remember is that no matter how bad something is in life, there is hope.

I read a story about masks being sold out in the NYC area and people sending them to China to help out. That is sweet and considerate. However as a society when we allow our fears to overcome us, that is the root of all problems.

I understand Chinese people are expressing anger and fear on Social Media. When their own lives are threatened then things are serious for them. I wonder though why they didn’t see their lives threatened when the Chinese government locked up minorities to “educate” them to be more like Han Chinese. I wonder why Chinese citizens didn’t see the abuse of power of the leader Xi Ping by twisting himself into their form of government and constitution?

The fact is that people don’t stand up for others unless they have skin in the game. If this disease causes Chinese people to question their governments ability to protect them, then something useful will come out of it. In some ways, the deaths of Chinese citizens might help bring about a change of power. In others, it is just another tragic example of how the rich flee to safety while the poor die.

We wouldn’t have that happening now in the US would we? We are more civilized than that aren’t we? Aren’t we?

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