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Not getting great sunlight lately

I am not getting great sunlight lately. The shadows from the fully greened trees are causing problems for me. I have two strategies to fix this.

  1. I am going to try collecting solar power from another side of my apartment. I will do that tomorrow if I don’t get a charge.
  2. I am going to have to buy more solar panels. Ideally I’d like to get a 250W panel so that in 4 hours of sun I could charge up my 1kW solar generator. If I could charge in 4 hours that would be enough to supply my needs.

Now the problem with #2 is that a folding solar panel that is 250W is something I haven’t been able to find. I found a Chinese company that said they had a folding 300W panel, but I have never heard of the company or brand. In addition it is expensive, so at that price I would rather go with another Merlin folding panel. I can’t risk giving a company I have never heard of money for a panel I don’t know will work, and even if it does work, how can I get support in the future for it? Too many risks for me.

It is clear that since I can’t get 1 250W folding panel, I will need to use two panels to get 250W. Since I have one 100W panel, I could buy the 170W Merlins folding panel, and theoretically get enough power to fill up 1kw of power each day in a 4 hour period. However I am also looking at their semi-flexible panels, which will also give me more power at 230W which would be even better from a speed/efficiency point of view.

It isn’t an easy decision what I will do, but either choice can work. They both cost roughly the same, so the main thing is their durability and output. The folding panel is more durable, but the semi-flexible is more powerful. Difficult choice huh?

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