I needed a nice sturdy shelf for my kitchen shelf. This has worked great.

It was easy to assemble. The metal strength is fine and I like how it was adjustable. It looks much nicer than what used to be there, and I used the second shelf to help organize my socks in my closet.

What is left to say? The downside is that it is cheap and I doubt it would look good in any mid to expensive setting. Fortunately my apartment is not rich looking, so it fits in just fine. It is pretty subtle and doesn’t really stand out once it is setup so that is a nice feature.

In order so that the adjustable shelf doesn’t move I moved the blender from the side of the fridge to the other side. It created a bookend with the fridge so this doesn’t open wider. I put probably 10 lbs of weight on it and it didn’t have an issue. I am not going to push that weight limit. I really only have a few small metal containers to put on the top, and the majority of things I am stashing underneath it.

It will allow me to put many more snacks on this shelf and have greater visibility into my food choices. Before this I was putting them in the shelf and then forgetting they were there. If you have bad memory like me then this might help you snack and remember your snacks.

Would I buy this again? Sure. It solved the problem that I had. It allowed me to put the shelf I had taken from the freezer back into the freezer. It matched better with the black blender that I have, which make that corner of the kitchen look nicer. I don’t care how things look but it was more functional and nicer looking. Two for one isn’t bad right?

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