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Netflix Making a Murderer motivates people

In this article on The Atlantic it talks about the Netflix Making a Murderer documentary. This was an amazing show to watch, and very compelling in showing the injustice that happened to Steve Avery.

What is more important than that however, is that the show has been a catalyst to something I have never seen before. A huge outpouring of support for Mr. Avery, and tangible results. As of this writing more than 170,000 signed a petition to free Brendan Dassey and to look at the results of that trial. In addition the Innocence Project is looking at the case again, and the people involved have come under scrutiny as they should.

It has made people so passionate about what they perceived as injustice, that the prosecutor Ken Kratz has had death threats and had his business defaced on Yelp. In addition, other people involved in the case have had death threats as well. It surprised me when people were talking about it in the cafe that I visited. They were saying the same thing that I thought as well. That his constitutional rights were violated and that he should have gotten more for his first illegal incarceration.

It is not the point of this blog to prove or argue for any particular persons guilt or innocence. However you can not watch the series without serious questions about the process of law, and of the role that the police play. I think as a society we have seen the injustices that many black and socially disadvantaged people have suffered, and we can understand that people make mistakes and don’t do the right thing. It is clear that even if Steven is guilty, the way they investigated it, doesn’t prove to a reasonable person that he was. You can’t help but ask so many questions why the evidence didn’t agree with the theory of the prosecution.

Justice is hard to measure out, and it is impossible when those who are supposed to safeguard our freedom and rights seem to be doing anything but that. I hope that as society we demand the truth and hold people accountable for not being professional.

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