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Need to backup easily from your WordPress site?

For 10 years I have tried almost every WordPress backup plugin. They all have pros/cons, but I think I finally found the best one. It is called BlogVault and I love it. No they aren’t paying me to say this.

For the cheapest 1 site version it costs $100 per year. That may seem expensive to some of you, but for me it is cheap. Here is why I think so.

  1. Depending on a site host backup is dangerous. Some web hosting companies do backup your site, but there is not a promise or guarantee it will work. This means when your site has been hacked or something went wrong is when you might find out the bad news. I don’t want to be in that situation.
  2. Plugins that do this can cost this much or more. I used to use Updraft Plus but to get the same functionality I would need to spend more. One of the neat things about BlogVault is that it saves your information on their servers. Other plugins like Updraft charge an additional cost for this which makes it much more expensive.
  3. Easy setup. I tried other WordPress cloud hosting options like CodeGuard and it sucked. It couldn’t automatically synchronize the data and wanted me to do a manual setup. Now I don’t know about you but few people know details like their database connection string and feel comfortable with the IT information it was asking. I think that most people won’t be able to set up service up. On the other hand Blogvault setup immediately with one code and copied everything perfectly.
  4. Additional features. Blogvault has the ability to stage your site which not all web hosting companies make easy. It allows you to scan your site for malware, and reports you to any problems if you have been hacked. It backs up every 24 hours and lets you know if your site is slow and other things in the dashboard. If you have multiple sites it is a nice dashboard for security and could be used in a company to help secure your website.

For me this makes Blogvault a great value and helpful WordPress assist. Give it a try you might like it. Oh yeah I asked and they give 15% off if you are a non-profit.

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