Morning activities always easier than afternoon ones

Morning activities always easier than afternoon ones

Have you noticed that if you want to get things done, doing them in the morning is always easier than doing the same thing in the afternoon?

For example, going to a store or traveling somewhere. You get things done faster when you go in the morning. When you go in the afternoon, there are always more people on the road and in the stores. Another example. Doing things like going to the DMV. When you go in the morning few people are there, but in the afternoon everyone and their dog is there.

The easy answer is that the general public doesn’t like getting up in the morning. What I think is closer to the truth however is that people put off what they don’t wish to do, until eventually they can’t put it off any longer.

I see this in most people that I interact with. One of the Maxims I live by is “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.” I try to do as much as possible each day. I don’t like having to think about unfinished tasks. It is a good feeling when you accomplish something, and each day is a contest to see how much I can do.

So it is difficult for me to understand people who seem to want to do as little as possible. I get it. There are days where being lazy and unproductive is exactly the correct thing to do. However, as a general rule, I can’t understand this kind of thinking for a lifestyle. When I was younger I had a friend who’s family liked to take it easy and smoke. That seemed a boring life to me. Sure you can watch TV and relax, but all the time?

Does that mean I don’t watch TV? Yes I watch documentaries and a few programs. I also like to cook, paint, read and do many things. To me, just watching the TV is such a boring thing. Who isn’t sick of the TV? It is such repetition in almost every show. Many times you know the ending of the story in just the first few minutes. This isn’t entertaining to me. This is tedious and not worth doing. Also I find myself playing less video games as I age. The repetition is boring me and frankly I find it more enjoyable to do things like paint or other activities.

Everyone has the right to do whatever they feel is a good use of their time. I just find it interesting that when people are free to choose, they often choose things that don’t make them happy. When I talk to coworkers about being happy most of them are like “meh life sucks what can you do?”. To me, life gets better as I get older. Do you feel the same?

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