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Mac anti-virus ClamXAV great

I had my old anti-virus ask to be renewed, and I downloaded a new mac anti-virus program this weekend. It is called ClamXAV and it is great. It is pretty cheap too and cost $32.

I have tried a number of mac anti virus programs: Sophos, Bitdefender, Intego, Mcafee, Norton, Virex and they all had issues. They either slowed down the computer, didn’t work properly, or caused unnecessary problems. For example, some of them bundled a firewall which just caused me internet access problems for things that I wanted to do. I went to a third-party AV rating testing site, and they had very detailed reviews of each product. I had used ClamX probably 20 years ago and it worked well then, but it works even better now.

I am not getting any benefit from sharing this. I am sharing because if you have a mac it works and I know it works because I tested it. I went to a website that had mac malware samples and randomly downloaded one. It was a zip file and as soon as I uncompressed it, ClamXAV said it was a virus and disabled it and put it in quarantine. Then I deleted it. This is exactly what I had hoped would happen.

Now I realize that most people aren’t going to download mac malware to test their AV program. That is fine, you aren’t an IT person and you don’t have to. I like to know my programs work, so I always test them on my personal machine. If it had ruined my computer that was ok since I had just reinstalled the OS and there was nothing on it anyway.

What makes a good anti-virus program for the mac? I want it to do its job and not interfere with other operations. Almost every other AV product slows down your machine in some way. It can slow down file copying, or just general usage. That isn’t good programming it is just laziness.

Try ClamXAV and I’m sure you will like it as well. So far it has been perfect.

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