Looking for non-stick pans?

I am a lazy dishwasher. If I have to scrub often I don’t want to use a dish. I have experimented with lots of pans and many of them are just terrible to clean. I finally found a pan that seems to truly be non-stick and doesn’t cost a fortune.

I am not an affiliate and don’t get any financial reward for suggesting things. For that reason I am not even linking to the page so that it doesn’t look like I am trying to get a benefit. The brand is Momostar and I had never heard of them before. I have been using them for several weeks each day and they have been the best non stick pans I have used.

I had bought a very expensive set on non stick dishes in the past but the company doesn’t support them when they break, so I am no longer supporting them. These work better than those pans which cost me hundreds of dollars. For only $70 I have had the wonderful experience of cooking fish, eggs and everything else and nothing has sticked. I have loved them.

Cleanup couldn’t be easier. A little soap and wipe wipe and I am done. What is the downside? The bottom of the pan is beginning to show a little flame blackness from my gas stove. I don’t consider this a problem and I don’t care if the bottom gets black from use.

I like the fact that they say you can put this directly in the oven up to 450 degrees. That is really cool. The handle stays cool and you can’t put the glass top in the oven, but thats ok because it doesn’t make sense to put the lid in the oven anyway.

I didn’t believe that these would work for such a cheap price. They feel sturdy but I am always willing to take a chance and I can easily return them if I don’t like them. I am glad that I took the chance with these pans. They are working well for me.