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Lion Safari LT a wonderful solar generator compared to Beudens

I bought a Lion Safari LT and it is a wonderful solar generator compared to the Beudens 166 WH that I first bought. Here is why I like it.

First it has a much higher capacity. It has 450 WH which is about 3 times the capacity. It is $420 if you bought the similar Beudens capacity but it would have less features. What I love the most is that it is much faster to charge. I charged it with the Beudens in two different ways. One was through the 9V out cigarette adapter plug, and a cigarette adapter plug into the anderson solar charge connector. That was about 50Watts on average. Then I switched to a 9V out 5.5mm to anderson connector and that charged at 70Watts when the solar was charging the Beudens.

However if the solar wasn’t charging the Beudens the speed dropped to 40W charge. As the Beudens got lower the watts got lower as well. I stopped it when it had gone to 20% of the Beudens because it was too slow. Once I connected the AC quick charger it jumped back up to 50Watts and stayed there until it finished charging 2 hours later.

It took 8 hours to fully charge this unit from being half charged when it was delivered. I used most of the Beudens and the rest from the wall. The instructions said it had to be fully charged before it was first used. The first thing I connected was my solar light which said it used 9W and it would last for 45 hours on that setting. So this is great. Now I finally get to understand how much power devices are taking. Yes you can read on their label, but that is always different than what they actually pull.

The wall adapter and the battery got warm when charging. The wall adapter was very hot. I thought hotter than it should be. However I have often felt hot power adapters from laptops, so that is just part of using that much power for several hours. The battery top was warm, but it wasn’t as hot as the adapter. Still I don’t recall the Beudens getting that hot, so that was different.

What else do I like about this? I like the fact that it has the cigarette adapter built in instead of an adapter. I like that it has a USB C port so I could directly charge my macbook from it. I like that it is so light at only 11 lbs, which will make it tempting to travel with. It really is something that would make a great tool to have in an emergency car kit as well. It could easily power an air pump for tires or provide light at night. If I traveled or used the car more, I would buy one just to have it as a preparation for road problems.

Is there a downside? I am not thrilled they didn’t use a LifePo4 battery. However if they did, it would have been more expensive and heavier and larger. So there are tradeoffs. Honestly I will probably outgrow this battery before I use it up, so the lifetime is less important. In fact, I suspect that a new even better battery chemistry is just around the corner and I will switch to that when it becomes available. I talked before about a lifepo4 battery that weighted 61 lbs and that is too big for me to deal with.

This easily is compatible with 12V portable folding panels and I have bought an adapter that makes it easy to connect to. I really look forward to using this and testing out my laptop tomorrow with it. I wonder how long it will last? But that is another story.

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