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LinkedIn’s messaging problems and other issues

Last night I was trying to use the LinkedIn chat to talk with a colleague. I couldn’t see what they said on either the website or the iPhone app. They said they were seeing what I wrote. I did some troubleshooting with no resolution.

Finally after troubleshooting it for about a half hour LinkedIn said “It’s our fault not you” and “Trouble sending message”. This morning when I woke up the text from my colleague was there.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. There are other problems that LinkedIn has as well.

  1. When watching the LinkedIn Learning often you will watch all of the videos and pass all of the tests and you won’t get credit for the course in the certifications tab on your profile. I have had to contact help many times to get proper credit. The last time they said I completed the course and then it offered me to add it to my profile after a very long time. Also some videos don’t work and that was another help request. I have put in help requests almost each week since having premium.
  2. During the day the count of people who read your articles does not automatically update. You have to manually refresh the page. They seem to cache the pages which means you don’t see things you need to see. For example responses to your remarks on posts are terrible.
  3. If I make a remark on a post most of the time it will take a long time before updating to my notifications. Sometimes it will take 3-4 hours. This makes it difficult if I want to modify a past post or I get a notification that someone else has responded to a post. Using their forum is just a terrible experience. It doesn’t thread correctly and its notifications are poor.

LinkedIn needs a competitor and soon. I think they haven’t kept up with the performance and reliability because they don’t have to.

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