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LinkedIn telling you that your app to autopost from WordPress no longer working?

LinkedIn told me this yesterday and it took some time but I fixed the problem.

First I should state that LinkedIn has a free developer program that allows you to use their API to autopost to LinkedIn from other social networks. In my case, since I have a WordPress site I can use a plugin there and post to LinkedIn Automatically. I have written about this plugin before but it is called XYZ SMAP.

Here is the process. First you must create a LInkedIn developer app that allows you to use a preshared key/ID to access LinkedIn to post under your name. Then once this app is created, you can link it to a plugin like XYZ SMAP which posts all posts like this one to LinkedIn automatically.

I couldn’t use the old app because LinkedIn changed how the app was allowed. It said that the App was not allowed and not active when I tried to post. Therefore I deleted the app and started from scratch. The hardest part is remembering to put in the URL that XYZ SMAP tells you to use helpfully. Then you can test it and it should work.

I understand this seems complicated and the first time you do it it is. However, it makes sense that you can do this and it is kind of fun honestly. Once you setup the information from LinkedIn you login from the WordPress plugin and authenticate your LinkedIn account/password like you would login anywhere on the web. Then it makes the plugin active. Then it will automatically post things.

This process this weekend also explains the huge number of posts you have seen from me. The big problem with this plugin is that it interprets updated posts as something to post to LinkedIn. It isn’t perfect, but good enough. Earlier this week you saw lots of posts because I was watching training videos. So it has been a rough week to be following me. I apologize for that. I didn’t mean to overwhelm anyone just trying to optimize and test things.

I had to create a company page in order to use this new app which I did. Then I was able to use the new app that I created. So you will need to do this as well. Even if you are just a single consultant like me, it is worthwhile to do. I learned many neat things from having a company page and glad I have one. Its fun to learn isn’t it?

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