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LinkedIn loses automatically posted posts

I write on my WordPress blog and use XYZ SMAP to automatically post to LinkedIn. It costs something like $50 and it has worked well. I thought there were problems in the past, but the author worked with me and we determined that LinkedIn was at fault. It happened again last night, so I thought I should warn people about it.

I wrote before about how to setup LInkedIn with their API to autopost. Since LinkedIn changes every few years, this is something that I have had to work on regularly. At least once a year something goes wrong with autoposting, and it always is LInkedIn’s fault.

Here is how I know this. When the XYZ SMAP plugin posts it has a log file that shows all the information related to the autopost. When I click on the link I see an error in LInkedIn’s interface. The last time that I worked on this issue with LinkedIn technical support they said they couldn’t see a log even though the plugin shows the exact time/date post URL and everything. It is like the LinkedIn system just refused to accept it. This has happened multiple times where LinkedIn doesn’t post content, even though the plugins show it went through.

I have to point out for the record, that LInkedIn technical support is terrible. They are slow, don’t seem to understand the problem even when I show them screenshots of what the problem is. The minute there is an alternative to LInkedIn I will use it.

What is the answer to your post being lost? I am writing this post. It is clear that the premium version of LInkedIn is not worth it. I have watched videos but most of them are repetition of earlier videos. Many of them have straight up wrong content, and when I contact the authors about it they say they are working on a revision. Hello, those things are wrong today and need to be corrected because they are making IT jobs harder with misinformation.

Don’t count on LinkedIn Learning content as being authoritative or reliable from their library. If you want authorities, you have to find people here who know their stuff.

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