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LinkedIn Learning has improved

I wrote before that LinkedIn Learning wasn’t worth it for IT subjects. It has improved and now it is useful.

I have been watching lots of videos lately that are slightly out of date in terms of technology but still useful. It is very hard to have up-to-date things on IT technology especially cloud information but they are doing a good job of it.

I didn’t like the Lyndia library in the past. I thought it was too simple and basic. Now they have instructors with better experience which makes it interesting to watch. I don’t agree with their methods all the time, but I am glad to learn of the options of how things can be done.

One of the things I wanted to share is that once you start watching the LinkedIn Learning, it makes your certification/courses section cluttered. They need to allow us to group things more logically so people aren’t overwhelmed with classes that you may take.

I like watching things even when there is repetition. Instructors know different things, so you learn things. Also what happens is that the repetition of things really helps to memorize the material. Geniuses are supposed to learn things with 3 repetitions, but the average person can take 5 or more times. Thats ok with me. As long as I learn it.

It is also important to note that certifications have little value. Almost 80% of IT people use something called “dumps” to learn the exact questions. So people who get certifications rapidly, might rarely understand the material. They just memorize the answers, and pass the class. There is no way to police this, so this is the hidden dark side of IT certification. I never use those. I want to pass because I understand the material.

Which means that people who have certifications might look smarter than people like me who study things for months and work with them first hand. There is much deception and lies in the interviewing process. I see this first hand. I talk to recruiters who don’t know the topics, and people who ask such basic questions that a non IT person could answer them.

Intelligence is shown in a conversation. Talk to someone don’t depend on their certification.

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