I have worked many places and used many different types of laptops. Here are the problems with the most common laptops.

Acer – Poor screen and cheap components. I had several Acer laptops that were flimsy but cheap. It was fine if you didn’t move around much, but anyone who tried to be portable with it soon broke it.

Apple – Generally these laptops are durable, but they can be expensive and slow compared to windows laptops. Sometimes there are problems like with the keyboard that span years and require expensive repairs. It is a gamble to buy one because they might last a long time, or require repairs that don’t make them cost effective.

Asus – My current favorite. I had a post about a Asus Zenbook. I have bought Zenbooks in the past for executives and they really liked them.

Dell – Lots of cheap laptops which were nothing but problems. Generally poor components and poor warranty. Even now when they bought Alienware, they can’t seem to make reliable computers.

Google ChromeBook Pixal and others – Don’t like Chromebooks. People don’t like not being able to install Windows or Apple applications. This might be good if you only want to use web technologies but most people are not here yet.

HP – I don’t like how much these weight and the slow performance. They come loaded with junk and never have good driver support. Things like the trackpad are often poor.

Lenovo – Junk. I worked for a company that bought a fleet of Lenovo laptops and they had the famous motherboard issue. It was a huge waste of time and effort because they failed and someone got fired for that decision.

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LG – I have never used an LG laptop but its possible it is good. Would be open to trying it.

Microsoft Surface – I have supported these laptops but don’t like them. Yes they are small, but they also got very hot and the screen size was too small for most people. I think it was too minimal for most people to be efficient with. I don’t like tablets and making a computer like a tablet is silly in my opinion. Would never buy a 2-in-1 because the trade off now isn’t worth it. The cost is way out of proportion for what you get.

MSI – Never used it, but I have read great reviews. This is often used as a gaming laptop, and I said earlier that I don’t want to pay the premium to play games on a laptop. Asus has better gaming laptops in my opinion.

Samsung – I have never used a Samsung laptop but would not want to use it. I have used plenty of Samsung Smart TV’s and they were a problem with poor performance of the menus. Would expect the laptops to be similar.

Sony – Overpriced junk. They were the leader in design and quality until about 2005 and then they started to go down. Rarely have I seen a Sony laptop that lasts for years.

Toshiba – Really liked the Toshiba when I have used it. It was more reliable and fast than most of the computers that I had used in the same time period. Would compare to Asus if I knew of models with reviews. They are out of the business now. Too bad.

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