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Keeping an iPhone charged

I don’t consider that I use my phone often. I mostly just receive very few calls, almost no texts, and use LinkedIn/Posh a bit. For that reason, I consider the battery to be ok on the phone.

If I notice it is on, I turn the bluetooth off. The only bluetooth I regularly use is the one built into the car, and even that I don’t need. I connect my phone through a cable since it is an older car and the bluetooth doesn’t support audio in the 9 year old luxury car I have. I don’t mind because the car was more than half off retail when I bought it used.

So how can you keep an iPhone charged? Well mostly turn off bluetooth and don’t let location services be turned on. That really sucks up battery life. I notice that Waze keeps trying to activate location services so that is annoying. I like the program but it is intrusive and I might just delete it until I need it again. Yeah I just deleted it. I don’t like programs constantly sending notifications when they aren’t even being used.

I think another thing that saves battery power is I turn off my notifications. I see that many people are slaves to their phone constantly checking email and other things. I don’t like that. No one is that important in my life. Yes I have people I love in my life, but if it is urgent then they know to call me. I don’t respond to texts, and I don’t do texts. I think texts are a terrible way to communicate.

It used to be before the iPhone 6 that I have that I felt that I was always charging the phone. I think it takes time to know what sucks battery power and find a balance you can live with. Good luck on staying charged!

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