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If you like Bob Ross you will like Youtube’s Steve1989MREInfo

He is the Bob Ross of this generation. His smooth delivery makes you want to watch even if you don’t have any interest in military rations.

Watching is just like watching Bob Ross. You relax because he is so relaxed. He has funny sayings that he doesn’t try to be funny, and he has silly things that he does that you will learn if you watch him.

What is amazing is that even though he eats meals way beyond their recommended dates of consumption he hasn’t ever gotten sick from something except for something that was still in its good period. Sometimes it is frightening what he eats. He does have some standards. If he doesn’t like the taste he won’t continue to eat it.

He has people who donate meals to him and he goes into such great detail. it is common for him to compare the meals to other military rations he has eaten. He isn’t an expert in food preparation, but he knows an almost encyclopedic knowledge of military rations themself. Many times the food he reviews makes him even happier, and that is fun to watch as well.

Why would someone watch this? I didn’t have any interest in the topic. I think we watch things not because we want the information, but because the presentation appeals to us. I will never buy military rations but I know far more than I need to. I think part of his appeal as well is because he is enthusiastic and transforms something that might be not enjoyed by the average person into something special.

It is amazing isn’t it? We watch people who enjoy things more than we do and then wonder why we don’t enjoy them in the same way. I know for me part of the problem of enjoying foods is that I am a supertaster. Things are very bitter for me that other people can’t taste. I know that he isn’t a supertaster because he enjoys coffee and things that a supertaster can’t tolerate.

Being popular isn’t always about being more sensitive. Often being less sensitive makes you more accessible to popularity.

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