How I setup my solar in an apartment

I thought some pictures might help everyone understand how I have setup my solar in my apartment. This has been the result of 4 months daily refinement and it is working well for me.

This is looking out of the window. The black strip is the neoprene insulation that I wrote about earlier. This is a 3 inch strip wide, the 2 inch strip wasn’t large enough. You can see the paracord going through the clips that are holding the Merlins solar panel up. I used 5 clips that I wrote about earlier and they each support 150lbs individually. It would be more likely the paracord will break than the clips. I used to have two paracord’s attached to the solar panel but that was overkill. However if you feel safer having two paracord’s, the 25ft length ones are about $9. Pretty cheap insurance to prevent it from falling. I had the solar panel flip when the paracord was only attached to the handle in the middle. Now with it being attached to both sides on the corner it is far less likely to flip in the wind. I choose a white paracord so that it wouldn’t absorb heat from the sun and didn’t care if it matched with my white window/decor. If the paracord starts to look worn or broken down, then I will use a thicker cable but this is a mil-spec cord so it should have some durability. If people were below I would have two paracord’s and attached to something heavy like a 50 lb weight. The heavier weight would be to counteract any force applied by a gusting wind.



This is the excellent Merlins Solar folding panel. It is just a few feet from the grass and if it falls it likely won’t break.
This is looking at the two cabinets underneath the window I am using. The white paracord is hard to see but it is tied to the bottom legs of the cheap cabinets. You can see on the left all of the devices plugged into the Safari LT.
This is a closeup of the Safari LT and an iPad, two solar yellow lights, headphones recharging, a Beaudens solar generator for overflow energy, a hand vacuum that uses 120. You can see the insulation in the window. There is a small gap because I didn’t properly line up the black Anderson Power Pole cabling. This was just me being inattentive today.